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Sulphuric Acid

Sulphuric acid (American spelling: sulfuric acid), also occasionally known as hydrogen sulfate, is a colourless liquid commonly used in fertiliser manufacture, oil refining, chemical synthesis and as an electrolyte in lead-acid batteries.

We are a leading UK supplier and distributor of this versatile, high-demand commodity chemical.



Primary use in the “wet method” for the production of phosphoric acid (also available at Airedale Chemical), used for manufacture of phosphate fertilisers. These are added to the soil to improve plant growth. In agriculture, farmers employ specialist contractors to spray their fields of potatoes with a solution of sulphuric acid before harvesting so that the green tops die back and blacken. This helps to dry out the stem and prevents them from becoming tangled in harvesting equipment.

Oil & Gas

The process of refining crude oil requires the use of an acid as a catalyst and sulphuric acid is often used for this purpose.

Textile Chemicals & Dyes

Important in the manufacture of dyestuffs solutions, as well as for making nylon.


Engineering - used as an acid catalyst for the conversion of cyclohexanone oxide to caprolactam.

Metal Processing - used in large quantities by the iron and steel making industry to remove oxidation, rust and scaling from rolled sheet and billets prior to sale to the automobile and major appliances industry.

Personal Care - Frequently the major ingredient in acidic drain cleaners used to remove grease, hair, tissue paper


Airedale Chemical: your leading UK supplier and distributor of sulphuric acid

Consisting of the sulfur, oxygen and hydrogen, sulphuric acid holds the formula H2SO4. It is an incredibly corrosive substance with a strong smell.

From fertilisers and cleaning solutions to chemical production, metal ‘pickling’ and drug production, sulphuric acid has extremely wide-ranging applications. It is a central substance in the chemical industry.

With a range of pack sizes and leading distribution capabilities, we help organisations across the UK, Ireland and the EU to meet their sulphuric acid needs. Enquire today to discuss yours.

Sulphuric acid: for fertilisers, crude oil refinery, batteries, textiles, cleaning and much more

Sulphuric acid is made by extracting sulphuric oxide gas, which is then oxidised at a high temperature to create sulphur trioxide. This is then dissolved in concentrated amounts of sulfuric acid, forming sulphuric acid fumes, which then react with water to produce further quantities of sulphuric acid. 

From agriculture to engineering, textiles to cleaning and oil to chemical synthesis, sulphuric acid plays many important roles.

It is commonly used in the production of phosphoric acid for phosphate fertilisers. The acid also plays an important role in the manufacture of pigments and dyes, as well as in the production of synthetic fibres such as nylon.

Sulphuric acid is also used to remove oxidation, rust and scaling within the iron and steel making industry, as well as acting as a catalyst in the crude oil refining process.

A reaction between lead and sulphuric acid is what’s used to power large batteries for agricultural equipment, medical imagery equipment and motor car batteries. 

Sulphuric acid has almost too many uses to mention, but its powerful corrosive qualities mean it is also a major ingredient in acidic drain cleaners used to remove grease, hair and tissue paper.

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Airedale Chemical: a trusted, experienced UK supplier and distributor of bulk sulphuric acid.

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Oil of vitriol

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