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Monosodium Phosphate

Monosodium phosphate (MSP) is commonly used in the manufacture of animal feeds, in water treatment and even in metal finishing. Food grade MSP holds uses in the production of many everyday foods.

We manufacture, supply and distribute solid and liquid monosodium phosphate to meet the needs of clients across the UK.


Farm & Livestock

MSP is commonly used in animal feed manufacture.

Water Treatment

- Applicable in water treatment processes, such as the treatment of drinking water.
- Drinking water is often treated with MSP for iron and manganese control, corrosion control, chlorine stabilization and inhibiting scale.


As a food grade material, MSO is applicable across a variety of everyday foods.

- A buffering agent in food production as a texturizing agent to help enhance product shelf life.
- A pH regulator and water retaining agent for processed meat.

Technical grade MSP has a wide range of applications.

- Metal finishing
- As a PH controlling agent for acid-type metal cleaners.


Airedale Chemical: leading UK suppliers, manufacturers & distributors of monosodium phosphate

Monosodium phosphate is an inorganic compound and common industrial chemical holding the formula NaH2PO4. It is one of many sodium phosphates.

The aqueous MSP we manufacture and supply is a clear, colourless liquid with no distinguishing odour. Our anhydrous MSP is a solid white powder with no distinguishing odour. Both are available as either a technical or food grade material.

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Monosodium phosphate’s uses: water treatment, food production, animal feeds, metal finishing & more

A popular industrial chemical, technical grade MSP is used to regulate pH levels of formulations used in water treatment. MSP can be used in the metal finishing process — again, acting as a pH controlling agent in acid-type metal cleaners.

As a food additive, MSP is a thickening agent and emulsifier used in the production of animal feeds, toothpaste and evaporated milk. It is also used as a buffering agent and as a texturising agent to help extend shelf life. In the production of processed meat, food grade MSP can also be used as a water retention and pH regulation agent.

When used alongside ammonium chloride and ammonium hydroxide, MSP can also be used as a means of detecting magnesium in salts — when added to a dilute or aqueous solution, a white precipitate will form.

Looking to buy monosodium phosphate?

We’re a leading UK manufacturer of quality monosodium phosphate. We’re delighted to offer fast, reliable supply and distribution across the UK courtesy of our dedicated fleet.

This product is available as a solid powder or liquid solution in a range of bulk sizes, as either technical grade or food grade material.

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Other names:
Monosodium Phosphate, Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate, Sodium Phosphate Monobasic, Sodium Phosphate, Anhydrous Monobasic Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Acid Phosphate and MSP
Clear, colourless

Available in the following sizes.

25kg Bag

25L Drum

200L Drum

1000L Container

Bulk Transfer

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