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Hydrogen Peroxide

At Airedale Chemical, we are a leading UK hydrogen peroxide distributor. Odourless, colourless and with a boiling point of 150.2°C, we supply only the highest standard of hydrogen peroxide.



Horticulture – use of weak hydrogen peroxide solution in watering solutions. Its spontaneous decomposition releases oxygen that enhances a plant’s root development and helps to treat root rot

Farm & Livestock

Veterinary practice – used as an emetic in veterinary practice. Disinfecting wounds – Commonly used as treatment for disinfecting wounds

Cleaning Chemicals & Detergents

Household cleaning as a green replacement for chlorine based products.

Mild bleaches in laundry detergents

Energy & Waste Management

In the recycling and waste industry hydrogen peroxide has a wide range of applications as an oxidant such as in recovering non-ferrous metals from electronic waste as well as de-inking in paper recycling processes.

Oil & Gas

Used in the oil and gas exploration industry to oxidize rock matrix in preparation for micro-fossil analysis.

Water Treatment

Drinking water treatment – used for cleaning well water or other drinking water sources, by removing odours, organic materials that change the water taste

Wastewater treatment – strong oxidizer effective in controlling sulfide and organic-related odours in wastewater collection and treatment systems.

BOD and COD removal from wastewater – Hydrogen Peroxide decomposes to oxygen and water, adding dissolved oxygen to the system

Pollutants removal – one of the most versatile, dependable and environmentally compatible oxidizing agents. The relative safety and simplicity of its use as an oxidizing agent has led to the development of a number of applications in refinery wastewater systems


In the personal care industry, Hydrogen Peroxide has wide applications as an oxidizing and antimicrobial agent such as to increase brightness in teeth whitening processes. Other applications include the elimination of brown-black melanins to bleach hair during hair dyeing.

Hydrogen Peroxide is used widely in the production of LCD displays and are used in the manufacturing of semi-conductors and an etchant for printed circuit boards.

Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the most widely used disinfectants for sterilizing cardboard and plastic packaging materials intended for contact with food products.

Textile Chemicals & Dyes

Bleaching of textile fibers


We’re Airedale Chemical: a leading hydrogen peroxide supplier & distributor

We are able to distribute hydrogen peroxide in strengths ranging from 3% to 50%, as well as facilitate orders of many sizes — whether that’s a 25L drum, a 200L drum, a 1000L container or a bulk hydrogen peroxide transfer.

For experienced, reliable and prompt hydrogen peroxide UK distribution, look no further than us. We have been trading in this particular commodity chemical since 1997 and are trusted by many clients to be their bulk hydrogen peroxide supplier. 

We’re also a leading distributor, able to fulfil and deliver orders across the UK, Ireland and the European Union. 

We have all the technical details covered. Whether you require a quick quote, or you’re interested in receiving more detailed product information — including a hydrogen peroxide Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) — fill out the enquiry form or get in touch through our enquiry page.

Hydrogen peroxide: a highly-versatile, ‘green’ commodity chemical

With the chemical formula H2O2, hydrogen peroxide was first discovered in 1818 by the French chemist, Louis Jacques Thénard. As an oxidising agent with high performance across a wide pH range, it is an extremely dynamic chemical with many, wide-ranging uses from household to industry.

From cleaning products to textile bleaching, teeth whitening products to water treatment, in agrochemicals to veterinary practice — the versatility of this clear, odourless liquid cannot be overstated. Depending on purpose, the potency of hydrogen peroxide will vary. 

Adding to the popularity of hydrogen peroxide are its sustainability credentials, particularly as an alternative for chlorine-based products. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into its simple components — oxygen and water molecules.

If you are interested in more detailed product information, simply fill out a request for a H2O2 MSDS or get in touch through our website or by phoning 01535 637876.

Airedale Chemical: your supplier and distributor of hydrogen peroxide.

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3% to 50%
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Available in the following sizes.

25L Drum

200L Drum

1000L Container

Bulk Transfer

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