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Diammonium Phosphate

Diammonium phosphate (DAP) holds the chemical formula (NH4)2HPO4. It is primarily used in the demetallization of waste oil, as well as a fertiliser in agricultural formats.

The diammonium phosphate we manufacture is available as both food grade and technical grade variants across crystal and solution forms. We supply this product in 25L, 200L, 1000L and bulk transfer sizes.



Fertiliser - When applied as plant food, it temporarily increases the soil pH, but over a long term the treated ground becomes more acidic than before upon nitrification of the ammonium.

Oil & Gas

Demetallation - Used oil invariably contains soluble and insoluble metal-bearing compounds. The presence of these compounds complicates the recycling of used oil as a fuel. Demetallating a used oil before its burning minimizes maintenance problems. DAP aids water dispersion throughout this process.

Textile Chemicals & Dyes

Control precipitation of alkali-soluble and acid-insoluble colloidal dyes on wool


Used as a yeast nutrient in winemaking and brewing mead In purifying sugar

As a Flux for soldering tin, copper, zinc and brass

DAP also acts as a fire retardant.


Airedale Chemical: leading UK manufacturers, suppliers & distributors of diammonium phosphate

Diammonium phosphate is available as a compound solid that takes the form of a white odourless powder. When blended for different applications, it is a solution.

At our facilities, we manufacture and supply both food grade and technical grade DAP for use across many industries. To begin your enquiry, send a message to our product experts today.

Diammonium phosphate’s uses: a fertiliser, waste oil processing chemical, fire retardant & more

Produced when ammonia reacts with phosphoric acid, DAP is a key agrochemical — with its high nutrient profile and physical properties, it is the world’s most widely-used phosphorus fertiliser and plant food.

By aiding water dispersion, diammonium phosphate is also popularly used as part of the demetallization of waste oil, a process that aims to remove metal-bearing compounds before the oil is burned.

Other than these two prominent uses, DAP has many other applications. These include (but aren’t limited to) uses in wool dyeing, as a yeast in winemaking and brewing mead, as a flux for soldering tin, copper, zinc and brass and even as a supposed nicotine enhancer in some brands of cigarettes!

Did you know that diammonium phosphate can also be used as a fire retardant by lowering combustion temperature and increasing charring? This reduces the amount of fuel, making DAP popular in commercial firefighting and firebreak products.

Looking to buy bulk diammonium phosphate?

Our product experts can help. Since 1973, Airedale Chemical has built a reputation as a leader in the supply and distribution of quality bulk commodity chemicals, including diammonium phosphate. We are also a manufacturer of this key phosphate.

To request a diammonium phosphate MSDS, press the ‘Enquire now’ button below and fill in the short form. Alternatively, get in touch with our team through our contact page, by phoning 01535 637 876 or by emailing

CAS Number:
EC Number:
Other names:
Ammonium monohydrogen phosphate; ammonium phosphate dibasic
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Available in the following sizes.

25L Drum

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1000L Container

Bulk Transfer

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