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Airsperse 3000 Dispersant

Airsperse 3000 is a sodium polyacrylate in liquid form


Cleaning Chemicals & Detergents

Inhibits scale formed by hard water salts

Provides considerable reduction in incrustation

Improves primary detergency and surfactants detergency action

Helps keep soil redeposition to a minimum to disperse hard water salts


Airsperse 3000 is a single component polyacrylate that can be used under a wide range of temperatures and pH. The products low viscosity allows for direct feeding or formulation

Colourless to pale yellow liquid
Specific Gravity at 20 degrees celcius:
1.25 - 1.35
pH (neat):
7.0 - 9.0
Ionic Character:
Non volatile solids (%):
42 - 46
Freezing point (degrees celcius):
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Available in the following sizes.

1000L Container

Bulk Transfer

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Enquire now.

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