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Airocide PAAD

Airocide PAAD is a 5% strength peracetic acid-based biocidal disinfectant and detergent. DEFRA approved, it is primarily used across poultry, dairy and agricultural environments for circulation cleaning and industrial sanitisation.

We manufacture this product on-site and offer fast, UK-wide supply and distribution in a range of sizes to suit your needs.


Farm & Livestock

- Bio-based cleaning agent for sanitising areas where animal stock is stored
- Sanitisation of industrial processing equipment in milk and dairy plants
- Applicable in sanitisation of dairy environments and agrochemical trades as an industrial cleaner
- Dairy and cheese processing plants and in pasteurisers as a disinfectant.

Cleaning Chemicals & Detergents

This product has been approved under product types 1, 2 and 3 in line with the following European Standards:

- EN1276; EN1650; EN1650; EN13704; EN13697; EN13697; EN1656; EN14349; EN14476; EN16437.


Airedale Chemical: leading manufacturers & suppliers of Airocide PAAD biocide

This product is a colourless solution with a sharp, pungent, vinegar-like odour. To discuss your requirements, get in touch with our team of product experts.

Airocide PAAD: DEFRA-approved biocide for farming, animal care & agricultural environments

Airocide PAAD is 5% peracetic acid with detergent. With quick contact times, it is a powerful disinfectant and cleaner, ideal for circulation cleaning and industrial sanitisation. At low levels, Airocide PAAD rinses away completely, leaving no chlorine residue.

This biocide is popularly used for controlling microorganisms across agricultural, dairy and poultry farming environments.

  • Bio-based disinfection and cleaning of areas where livestock is stored
  • Dairy plants: Sanitisation of industrial processing equipment, disinfection of DX milk storage tanks (post milking), disinfection of robotic milking equipment and teat preparation brushes (pre-milking)
  • Cluster flushing/dipping
  • Agricultural vehicles

Approvals and instructions for use

This product is approved by DEFRA under foot and mouth disease orders, swine vesicular disease orders, diseases of poultry orders, the avian influenza orders, influenza of avian origin in mammals orders, and general orders.

This product can be applied using the following dilution rates depending on application:

  • Diseases of poultry: 1 pt to 145 pts water
  • Swine vesicular disease: 1 pt to 25 pts water
  • Foot & mouth disease: 1 pt to 800 pts water
  • General orders: 1 pt to 145 pts water

For more information, download our Airocide PAAD product information sheet.

Buy biocides for industrial cleaning in bulk

We manufacture Airocide PAAD at our UK factory, supplying and distributing in bulk sizes across the country. From a 25L drum to bulk transfer, we offer sizes to meet any requirement.

To discuss your needs with our team of product experts, click the ‘Enquire now’ button. Alternatively, get in touch through our website contact page, by emailing or by phoning 01535 637 876.

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Available in the following sizes.

25L Drum

200L Drum

1000L Container

Bulk Transfer

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