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Airpol polymers include a diverse mix of anionic, cationic and cationic cross link polymers covering both oil and water base formulations.

We are leading UK suppliers of anionic, cationic & cationic cross-link polymers for industrial wastewater treatment

Airpol is our unique range of Polymers used as a flocculent in industrial waste water treatment processes in the removal of fats and oils.

Our extensive range of polymers are ideal for wastewater treatment applications. When applied to wastewater, Airpol polymers capture the solids present in the solution by joining the small particles of waste together.

Airpol polymers are ideal for use in food processing/production environments, dairy/poultry farms and biological treatment plants where wastewater requires treatment.

Our guide to flocculant ionicity:

Our guide to dewatering sludges by polymer type:

Our technical team are on hand to provide you product support when selecting the right polymer for your application. Please contact our sales team on 01535 637876 for more information.

Available products in this category

Airpol AOE10 polymerAirpol AOE30 polymerAirpol AWE10 polymerAirpol AWE30 polymer
Airpol COE35 polymerAirpol COE65 polymerAirpol COEX65 polymerAirpol COEX85 polymer
Airpol CW823 polymerAirpol CWE35 polymer

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